In June 2004, The Friends of the Folkestone White Horse was formally launched, initiated by a small Interim Committee of members who had been intimately involved in the planning and construction project. The Constitution of the Friends may be viewed HERE.

The Friends have been established
- to foster and promote the image of the White Horse
and a sense of community ownership of the figure
- to provide assistance, as required, to maintain the physical presence of
the Folkestone White Horse hill figure.

We need Members to help us sustain love and pride in the Horse, to assist (under strict control, in working parties) with periodic simple maintenance tasks, to raise funds to allow for short- and long-term repair and up-keep of the figure, and to protect the copyright of image of the White Horse to the benefit of all concerned.

Full details will be found in the Constitution of The Friends, and we already have (June 2004) a Patron Member, and Honorary Members will be invited.

The classes of Membership are:
a) Individual - Annual
b) Family - Annual
c) Corporate - Annual
d) Patron (see below)

Annual membership will run from 1st January each year. Family, Corporate and Patron membership may cover all those living or working at a single postal address.
The special class of Patron membership is available for those who make a donation to The Friends of over £750. This will confer membership for 10 years.

Members will be invited to an Annual General Meeting (and other General meetings, if they are called), at which the Officers and Committee of The Friends will be elected, and at which a report of the activities of The Friends for the year and the annual accounts will be presented.

Every Friend on joining will receive a Certificate of Membership and a Badge (limited to 4 per Family and 10 per Corporate Member), and will receive periodic newsletters detailing past and future events concerning The Friends and the welfare of the White Horse figure.

Additional Badges cost £2.50 each for Members and £3.50 each for non-Members (incl. p.& p.).
Please apply in writing to The Friends (address on Application Form), enclosing the relevant payment.

If you would like to join The Friends, please download the Application Form,
complete it and mail it, with your first annual subscription as instructed on the form.

We encourage Members to subscribe to the email communication method, if possible,
as this will save considerably on administration costs (e.g. printing and postage) in future.