An idea to create the first giant hill figure of a White Horse in Kent on the chalk hills of the North Downs was conceived by artist, Charles Newington, as a Millennium landmark in 1996. With the help of Richard Beaugié, a local farmer, and the landowner, The Tory Family Foundation Charitable Trust, the project became a reality. David Hanbury joined the team in 2002, to assist with administration and construction.

Brief Timeline:-

April 1998 Planning permission applied for.

August 1999 First canvas outline laid.

April 2001 Public Inquiry (5 days).

March 2002 Planning permission granted.

Sept 2002 Canvas re-laid and turf re-located

May 2003 White slabs laid by Gurkhas.

June 2004 Launch of The Friends of the Folkestone White Horse.

For more details of History and Construction, Click HERE.