OS Grid Reference TR 199382.

On the escarpment of Cheriton Hill, overlooking the Eurotunnel terminal, near Folkestone in Kent. The site is privately owned, is very steep, is a candidate Special Area for Conservation (SAC) and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), so access is restricted to the public footpath which runs along the top of the hillside (from which a view of the Horse is extremely limited and distorted).

The hill figure needs to be seen from a distance. Fine views are from Weymouth Road (off Cheriton High Street - TR 198370); or the car park of the Tesco Superstore near the roundabout over the M20 motorway at Junction 12 (TR 194370).


Length (fore hoof to hind hoof) - approx. 93 metres / 306 feet
Height (nose to lower hooves) - approx. 48 metres / 160 feet
Number of slabs used, and number of stainless steel anchor screws - approx. 700
Average width of outline - 60cm / 2 feet
Area of ground covered by slabs - approx. 250 sq. metres / 2800 sq.ft.